Caution should always be used when brewing hot tea.

Before each use, check for damage to ceramic teapot and proper attachment of stainless-steel infuser and clip on lid.

To avoid scalding or burns do not use teapot if any of its parts are broken.

All teapots have stainless steel infusers and clip-on lids that are removable for easy cleaning.

Before each use check for tightness of the clip on the hinge. If hinge connecting becomes loose, increase tension by pressing sides of clip-on hinge closer together.

Spare parts such as lids and strainers are available to purchase.

While brewing tea, the ceramic teapot, stainless steel lid and infuser will become very hot, and caution should be used when pouring tea.


Keep teapot away from children while in use.


Do not heat teapot in oven, on stove top burners or other direct gas or electric heat sources.

Remove lid and basket for use in microwave over *

*If this item has a specialty finish: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Crackle, Kikko or Artisan Crackle DO NOT USE IN DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE


Specialty glaze may change colour, reacting to acid or alkaline. Avoid contact with acid or alkaline detergent, fruit juice, vinegar etc.